About Us

Welcome to the Bent Creek, an online site site of broad range classes that has been operating since 2011. It was established by Ryan Brent who likes to discuss things to everybody.

In 2012, the very first article printed openly of Bent Creek was published to rave reviews, and it went on to become trending globally. In 2020, the initial six names of an ambitious new series of themed Bent Creek were published, all followed by audiobooks infused with voice capacity. The subsequent six names will follow 2021.

2014 also saw the launching of Vreek Live, a continuing series of live shows–motivated by Bent Creek–where a few of those letters have been brought to life with gifted actors in memorable places around the globe. The first event took place at Canada’s Tabernacle in October of the year, in front of 200 individuals; six decades and heaps of shows later, in August of 2019, Creek Live thrilled a sold-out audience.

Although a lot of my time is spent hunting for letters of notice, I’ve only two hands and two eyes, and lots of blind spots. I’m so very receptive to submissions. Please do get in contact with And, in the event you would like to register to the Bent Creek newsletter, where I send you fascinating letters a couple of times weekly, enter your email address within our subscription.